(Almost) Famous Mushrooms



These mushrooms are AWESOME, but probably not something to have every day. (And by probably not, I mean, really, not at all.) They are also kinda like the nerdy girl in a bad teenage movie. Pretty and dependable as they are, but take the glasses off and tart it up a little, and HOT DAMN. These are wicked tasty and easy and dependable as they are here, but you can add all manners of different things to kick them up over the top. Rosemary while they cook, a little lemon zest right after they come out of the oven. For those who do dairy, pulse them in a food processor and add them to some ricotta or marscapone and you have a SINFULLY decedent dip. (OH GOD I MISS DAIRY). Eat them plain, add them to a paleo antipasto platter, put them on a steak, or as my mom and I recently did, top them with bacon crumbles and have a Hobbit style dinner (why yes… G-E-E-K-Y). Okay… enough blah blah blah, I’ll get to the damned point already. This is going to be more of a guide, rather than a recipe. This way, you can scale up or down, or adjust as you want.

Things you need, food edition:


(Uh, yeah. I have focus issues…. Super) Mushrooms: AWEEEEESOME. You can get whatever kind you like. Honestly I’ve used every kind of mushroom, so get whatever speaks to you. I’ve got buttons and baby bellas. That’s what I could find, so whatevs yo. Fat: Uh, like I said, these probably aren’t great for you, but for an occasional treat, they are great. That being said, I’ve used all three fats seen here, olive oil, ghee, and organic grass fed butter. You could probably use one or the other, or just a couple depending on what you want. (If going Whole30, you could certainly just use ghee instead of the butter). Garlic: You can use all sorts of other herbs that suit your mood with the garlic, but honestly, it wouldn’t be advisable to skip out on garlic here. It’s kind of a deal breaker in these shrooms. Salt: Sea salt ftw! Just use what you have around. I’ve been known to use table salt if that was all that was available, so whatever is handy.

A side note about the stuff that goes into these mushrooms: There are SO few ingredients in these suckers that you probably should try and find the best stuff you can. Or can afford. Or both 🙂

Things you need, equipment edition:


Baking dish, kitchen towel (you’ll want one that you don’t mind getting damp and dirty) paring knife, butter knife, and spatula. When picking a baking dish, you don’t want one that will leave too much room for the mushrooms. You kinda want them nice and cozy together in there.

Preheat your oven to 350F.


Put a tablespoon or two of ghee in the bottom of your baking dish, and put a guzzle of olive oil in there too. (couple two three tablespoons.)  Once the oven is preheated, stick the dish in the oven while you prep the mushrooms and get them all happy happy.


Take your handy dandy kitchen towel, damp it up, and wipe down your mushrooms. Don’t wash the mushrooms, that bogs them down with water, and you won’t be happy. Once they are all all clean:


Trim and chop those babies up. Don’t go crazy, just get them more or less the same sizeish. You really want lucious big chunks of mushrooms in the end, not chopped up mushroom bits.


Rough chop up some garlic. The mushrooms will cook long enough that this will roast and get all sweet and soft and nummy, so you don’t need to paste it or anything. Just run a knife through it and call it a day. Take your baking dish out of the oven. The ghee and oil will be all warm and melty.


Add the garlic to your dish.


Theeeeeeeen add your mushrooms and toss them all around in the melty fat, and get everything coated. OMNOMNOMNOM!!!


Cut up a tablespoon or two of organic butter (or even more ghee) and put it on top. At this point, add some salt to the top. This is SO to personal taste, so I’m not going to even go there as far as measurements. BUT: the mushrooms will almost REDUCE, so go a little lighter than you would normally, so as not to end up with a salt lick situation. Add any other herbs that are calling to you at this point as well.

Shove the mushrooms in the oven. These cook anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the amount of mushrooms, and the types of mushrooms. Sorry guys, but you have to go by your gut feelings.


This is after about 25 minutes. They are tasty now, but when I tried one, they were still a little too raw for my taste, and the deliciousness hadn’t made it all the way through. Trust me, you will know when they are done.


This is after about 50 minutes. (Also, at this point, they’ve been out of the oven for about 10 minutes, which you for SURE want to allow, so they will reabsorb the liquids they let go of during cooking. I’m just an idiot and forgot to take pictures right after they came out of the oven.) They do lose some of the size, but they should still look plump and velvety and luxurious. THESE babies are done. Go forth. Make them. Love them. EAT THEM ALL!!!


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  1. Made these tonight (using Earth Balance because we were serving vegans). I thought 50 minutes was maybe a little long, but they were pretty tasty. They really showed off this great garlic we got at the farmer’s market because they could handle the strong taste. I’ll definitely make them again — with butter 🙂

  2. FYI Anne: I think if I were serving vegans, I would probably try and use a combo of olive and avocado oils. Avocado has a richness that is really something special. Glad you liked the shrooms!! I know 50 minutes seems crazy… But it totally works in the end!

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