Zucchini Noodles



I love noodles. I love them a lot. I love them in soup, with sauces, or aside other tasty things. And sometimes,  only spaghetti type noodles will do. This is a little side dish you can whip up that allows you to sauce and twirl to your hearts desire. The really lovely thing about these beauties is that you can control the amount of time you keep these on the heat. You can leave them until they are mushy-ish, or you can keep a little snap in them. (I generally go for a little bit of snap… the firmer texture holds up to sauces better.)

SARAH AND ANNE ALERT!!! (And all you other vegans that might be reading this. Or anyone that doesn’t like butter or ghee. Or whatever). You can easily replace the ghee in this with olive oil, and it will still be tasty and delicious.


Image-Zucchini or Summer squash (this is a couple smaller ones, but really, this recipe is designed for 2 or 3 big ones. This is just what I had on hand, and I wasn’t going to let small squash stand in my way of getting you delicious things!)

-Garlic (I used three cloves, but you can certainly adjust to your own preference.)

-Ghee (I know the container says butter, but I made my own ghee and just put it back in the farmers market butter container.)

-Salt and Pepper

**Side note: This is like the mushrooms… this is a basic recipe. You can add all manners of other delicious things to jazz these things up. Lemon zest, basil, rosemary, fish sauce, anything. Depending on what you are doing with the noodles. Play away with the flavors!!




-Frying pan

-Veggie Julienne Peeler (There are a couple different types, I have this OXO version, but there are lots of other types, that create different size noodles)

-Sharp knife

-Not pictured here because I’m an idiot: Rubber spatula or wooden spoon. I have a personal preference for rubber spatulas.




Put a tablespoon of ghee in your pan, and put over mostly low heat. (I would say on the low side of medium low… I know, I’m a crazy person. But I’m still getting adjusted to a gas range, and it makes me a little wacky with temperatures)


GET YER GARLIC!! Peel it. I personally like to cut the woody icky ends off and then peel the paper off from there. Makes the whole job easier. I’ll show you how one of these days.


Chop up the garlic. I like a rough chop because that’s what I like. You could grate or finely chop if that is what you really want, but trust me… this is tasty! Plus you don’t have to worry about pesky people invading your personal space for a while.


Throw your garlic into the heated pan with the ghee. You don’t want this to start browning right away, so adjust the heat so it’s cooking, but very slowly. You want it to be all nice and sweet and nutty at the end, and the way to assure that is by not burning the garlic. (Burnt garlic = EW!!!) This’ll take a few minutes, which gives you time to get your noodles going. Just keep moving the garlic around every once in a while, and things will be fine.


Cut the ends off your squashy things. Go ahead and get rid of them. (The ends… not the squash. That would kind of defeat the purpose.)


Take the julienne tool, and just… run it down the squash. It’s basically exactly like using a vegetable peeler. But be careful, it is SHARP. For that reason, I don’t usually strip the core where the seeds are. It’s a) safer, and b) the core isn’t as tasty as just using the firm outside flesh. You can save the core for… something, or compost it, or garbage dispose it.


Meanwhile, your garlic should look toasty and cooked and tasty. Resist fishing out the delicious pieces of garlic and eating it standing in front of the stove.


Throw your zucchini into the pan, and toss it around. Add salt and pepper to taste. (season, and taste a noodle.) You might want to turn the heat up a little, but make sure you just sit there and babysit it and keep it moving around.


Keep moving it around… And when you like the texture of the noodles, the thing, it is done! So simple, but you can use this as a base for SO many things. Leftover is great added to broth with some kind of protein the next day as well.




I put leftover meat from Korean style short ribs. Oh man, it was tasty!!

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