Herbed and Limey Fish




This little baby is a fingerlime. It’s a teeny little lime that once you coax open reveal tiny little caviar beads of lime. SO delicious. If you can’t find these little puppies (I found them in the fresh herb section of my grocery store) just squirt some fresh lime on the top of your fish before you eat it. But if you can get them, GET THEM!!!

Ingredients that you will need: 



-Some sort of light white fish. I got about a pound of cod, and that was perfect. 

-Zest of one lemon

-2 sprigs of savory

-3 springs of baby dill

-3 fingerlimes

-two or three glugs of olive oil

-salt and pepper





-Frying pan. You are going to want a biggish one to fit all yer fish

-a little bowl to mix the herb/olive oil mix

-knife to chop up the herbs. (I like my cleaver, because it rocks back and forth and makes chopping up herbs a cinch)



-(not pictured here because it wouldn’t fucking fit… ARG WHATEVER!!) A plate and a fork



First things first… zest a lemon into your handy dandy bowl. Zest the whole thing. It really adds some zip to the whole thing.



Grab your herbs. I liked the savory because it was kinda spicy and citrusey, and dill is just an amazingly classic pairing with fish. If you feel called to add other herbs, go for it! Keep in mind that you are going to want to go lighter on the stronger herbs, and a little heavier handed with the subtle tastes.



Peel the savory off the stems. Woody stems = BLECK. Don’t eat them. 



Chop those little leaves up. The rocking motion of the cleaver is perfect for this. Don’t use a little dinky knife, because you will want to drive it through your head by the time the herbs are wee little. Once chopped, add them to the bowl with the lemon zest.



Make another little pile of with the dill, and repeat your chopping procedure. Since the taste of dill is a little milder, you don’t have to be AS crazy about chopping it up, but you still want to give it a good chop.



Add the dill to the bowl with the zest and savory. Boy, does that look tasty and pretty huh? I think that I need to invest in some white dishware. I’ll add it to my want list, so I can try and get better pictures. 



Add a few glugs of oil to bowl. I used probably about 2 tablespoons. Just basically get it so you can smoodge it all over the fish. Stir the whole messy thing up with a fork to evenly distribute the zest, herbs, and oil.



Unwrap your fish, and salt and pepper the bad boys. Go ahead and get both sides. This will be the salt for the dish, so make sure you season it well. Pepper is just delicious, so add that too. 



Pour the oil and herb mixture over the fish. Just split it up, more or less.



Smoosh the fish around to spread the herbs around. Rub them against each other, and the the plate and what not. Just coat both sides with the herbs. 



(FYI: I cooked some garlic, zucchini, and asparagus in the pan first, took them out and added the fish.) Heat your pan over medium lowish heat, and throw the fish in. I let it cook for about 5 or so minutes. 



After 5 minutes, flip the fish over. I got nervous, so I had turned the heat up a little at this point. Clearly, I need to work on my fish cookery. Things went a bit awry with the cooking, but ALL that affected was the LOOK, not the taste. The fish was flaky and tender and the taste was out of this world. Cook the fish for between 5 and 7 minutes on the second side, until it’s JUST opaque all the way through.



While the fish is cooking, dig your way into the fingerlimes. Basically, I peeled the green skin off to expose the membrane. Pinch the end off, and squeeze the lime caviar out of it. There may be a better way to get them out, but I found this to be fairly successful. Play around with them.



I know, I know…. it LOOKS odd. There is an odd crust thing going on. Usually I’m a better cooker person than this, but what can ya do. This was too tasty not to post. Wet down your fingers, and just sprinkle the fingerlime guts over the fish. This was SO. TASTY. Seriously.MAKE IT NOW!!!

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