Duds and flops


Oh man, it’s been a couple weeks of duds and flops in the kitchen. The only problem with having a food blog is that when you can’t seem to get anything out of the kitchen, it’s a damned problem. (Here is looking at you, almond flour sausage and mushroom stuffing. This is particularly disappointing given that my Dad and I worked on taking pictures of this together when he came to visit for Thanksgiving)

Fear not though. I have a cranberry apple sauce coming up tomorrow (a day late and a dollar short of Thanksgiving, but totally save it for Christmas. And any day.), and hopefully a veggie and bacon packed meatloaf on Thursday. (Glazed with said sauce. YUM!!) There are a few other things in the works that I’m hoping will turn out as well as in my head. No promises, but I’m feeling a bit more inspired again, and that is half the battle.

We are also getting into the Christmas season, which is CRAZY for me. I make a ton of my Christmas gifts, and while I have a really good start this year, but I always think that 🙂 So instead of three posts a week, I’m going to aim for two, but it may realistically be only one a week.

Check back tomorrow!

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