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Pesto marinated chicken (and co)



Oh man, sorry it’s been so long! My poor computer was finally just about dead. But, I’m happy to report, the old beast has finally been replaced! (YAY!!) This computer is badass, and has enough food picture storage to last a good long time.

Anyway… Zucchini noodles and pesto marinated chicken with a creamy coconut pesto sauce. This is really a comforting meal, with a nice creamy sauce paired with flavorful marinated chicken and the long zucchini noodles. The pesto is made with no cheese, and the creamy aspect of the sauce is all coconut milk, so it’s very gentle on the ol’ gut as well.

I apparently got side tracked during the cooking process. The pictures aren’t as thorough as they normally would be. Which might not be terrible, but whatever 🙂

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