Chimichurri (ish) marinated steak boats



Oh man, I’m guessing that once you make these little steak boat things, you will want them every day… I know I could eat them until they came out of my ears! The steak was marinated overnight in chimichurri, which is kind of a Argentinian herbal pesto. Rather, it’s my version of a Chimichurri, made with all sorts of fresh green stuff, acid, and flavor. Whoa, it’s good. I used a strip steak here, but a flank or hanger would be pretty badass too.

I should point out that my picture taking is VERY VERY lazy with this post. I don’t know what happened. Also, the measurements of the herbs and pretty much everything in the Chimichurri can be adjusted for personal taste. The recipe is broken into two different parts, as the steak needs to marinate overnight for maximum flavor AWESOMENESS.

This is a great game day recipe, as you can set out bowls of ingredients to stuff these little babies with. I like avocados, tomatoes, and eggs, but the sky is the limit!

Steak Ingredients: 


– Big ol’ steak: As I said, I used a strip steak but a hanger or flank would work beautifully as well.

– Oregano: I’m not a huge oregano fan, so I only used a couple sprigs, but adjust as desired!

– Parsley: I used probably close to 3/4 of a cup

– Cilantro: Again, I used close to 3/4 of a cup

– 5 cloves of garlic

– 2 jalapenos: I took the seeds and ribs out of one and left them in another to cut down on the heat

– zest of two limes, and the juice of three

– 1/4 cup of vinegar. I prefer balsalmic, (I used white in this to not change the color) but red wine vinegar is more traditional.

– 1/4 to 1/2 cup olive oil. I like a little less, but it depends on the preferred consistency.

– Salt and pepper to taste


Take the leaves off the stems of the oregano, parsley, and cilantro, and throw the leaves into a food processor. Rough chop the garlic, add that in there, and the lime juice and zest. Chop up the jalapenos (for low heat take the seeds and ribs out of both peppers, for moderate heat take the seeds and ribs out of one, and for spicy leave all the seeds and ribs in) and toss them in there too.


Chop those puppies up, then scrape down the sides of the food processor bowl, and add the vinegar.


Drizzle in the oil until the consistency makes you happy. I liked it still fairly thick.


Put the steak in a resealable container, and pour about a third of the Chimichurri over it. Reserve the rest of the sauce in a seperate container, and throw it in the fridge.


Flip the steak all around in the sauce, throw a lid on it, and stick it in the fridge overnight. I shook it about a few times as it marinated.


The next day, let the steak come to room temperature, and then get a pan nice and hot. SUPER hot. Once the pan is hot, throw the steak on there. I let it cook in a hot pan for about 4 minutes…


Flipped it and cooked on the other side for 4 minutes, then stuck it under the broiler for 5 minutes. That just seemed to work for me. (I was going by the feeling of the steak… just doing the sear in the hot pan still left the meat feeling smooshy and underdone.)


Once it was done, I threw some tin foil on that puppy, and let it rest. I wasn’t ready to eat it yet, so I actually stuck it in the fridge after about 20 minutes on the counter.

Steak Boat ingredients:


This is where the pictures get REALLY bad, by the way.

– Baby Romaine lettuce

– Avocado

– Tomato (yes, my tomato is supposed to look like that)

– Hard boiled egg

– Steak

– Reserved Chimichurri


Slice that steak against the grain! You can see how the fibers run in the steak, and cut across them. (I went on a diagonal, to make it easier to slice).

Yeah. So, the only pictures left are of the finished product. Because… I suck? Anyway, seperate the leaves of lettuce, and put slices of avocado, diced tomato, eggs, and steak in each leaf, and then drizzle the whole shebang with Chimichurri. Add a little salt if needed, and enjoy!


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