How to: Cauliflower Rice



Cauliflower rice is a quick and delicious base for all sorts of things, particularly anything with a wicked tasty sauce, or a stew. (Or soup. Okay, whatever, anything.)

The ingredients:

– A Cauliflower. Mine looks a little rough and beat up. That’s fine, it’s still edible, if not perfect looking.

– A glug of oil or fat (Duck fat, butter, whatever!)

– Salt and Pepper to taste

– Optional: Fresh herbs that match whatever you are putting over the rice.


Cut out the core of the cauliflower…


And chop the florettes into workable chunks.


Grab the food processor (or even a box grater) and throw in the grating attachment.


Suck it up cauliflower, you are delicious. Start grating those suckers.


And just keep grating until you get through the giant pile of cauliflower. This is the point in which my kitchen gets covered in cauliflower. It’s fun, and I have a four legged fluffy cute kitten hoover, so no biggy.


Woo hoooooo! Cauliflower rice.


Throw some oil in a pan and heat that stinker up…


And throw some cauliflower in. I like to just cook what I need. Throw some salt and pepper into the rice, and let it start cooking.


See, nice and tasty and cooked! Yum! Turn the heat off, and throw in any fresh herbs at the very end, and stir around. Et voila, the thing is done!


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