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Delicious healthy fish chowder



Fish chowder is one of those things that I LOVE. It’s totally a guilty pleasure, full of dairy and potatoes and fish and other deliciousness. If I see it on a menu, I feel almost compelled to order it, but the madness had to end. I set out to make a version I could enjoy and feel a little less guilty about.

This version… this version is delicious, creamy, and so guilt free it could be eaten every day with a clean┬áconscious. It has a slight hit of heat, but certainly not enough to overpower the delicate flavor of the fish. Roasted garlic lends an earthy flavor without the overpowering flavor of onion, and by roasting the cauliflower it brings out some subtle nuttiness.

I forgot an ingredients picture (whoops!) but I DID get a new lens for the old camera for my birthday. (Thanks Dad!!!) There is still a learning curve, but I think the pictures have improved!

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