Paleo, Paleolithic diet, caveman (or girl!) diet, hunter/gatherer diet, primal diet. These things all more or less refer to the same thing. Eating the same general diet that we would have if we still clubbed our mates over the head and dragged them into the cave by their hair. It’s gaining more and more steam the world over, and is getting more and more attention on the blogosphere.

Here is my problem: the popular paleo blogs are written by people that are fairly amazing. They do crossfit, are in great shape, and are generally fairly healthy. What about the rest of us that have to start somewhere? While those other people are amazing and phenomenal, they are INTIMIDATING. It’s hard, when you are SOOOO not the optimal body type, or just unhealthy, going to a blog for motivation and encouragement and seeing perfection staring back at you.

This is my journey. If it encourages other to make the leap, then by god, it’s worth it.

I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, asthma, depression, and a variety of assorted gut issues. Each of these things alone are bad enough, but combined they are all but debilitating. I’ve done 30 days of paleo in the past, but I’m attempting to change the way I eat forever. My goal here is to share recipes, what I’m eating daily, and how I’m feeling.The struggles not of becoming MORE fit, but the fight to take back my own life and become the very best that I can. Part of this is accountability, and part is to show that you will fall down and make mistakes and slip up, but all is not ruined. Just get back on the horse for your next meal.

This won’t be a blog for kiddos. It probably won’t be a blog for the faint of heart. I’ll swear, make bad jokes, probably post terrible photography (at least at first… I swear I’m working on it). I’ll probably eat things that make the PaleoGods cringe. I’ll try and share recipes, and techniques that work for me. I’m just your average Jane, trying her damnedest to become a Cavegirl.


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  1. Just remember, all of us that write blogs have back stories too. I used Crossfit and Paleo to lose 97 pounds after spending 18 months in a wheelchair after almost losing both of my legs. The surface may look calm for me but I paddled my feet underwater for a long time. You have the drive and confidence to do this, I want to see you be amazing and have faith in yourself. I do not try to be intimidating, I am just myself and have experienced the same journey. Never feel like you can not reach out. Best of luck

    • Thank you! I know I find you and Nom Nom and the like intimidating because you guys just all have your stuff so together, and I SO don’t. Plus, with chronic pain and depression, the mountain can feel mighty unmovable at times!

    • I certainly don’t mean to lessen the struggles of others to get to where they are. But man, are you in scary awesome shape, and upon first glance, I know I was in despair that I would never be half as fit and healthy as you. At this point, I’ll be happy to be a quarter as healthy 🙂

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