Here are the blogs I read, people I envy and admire and want to be…

Robb Wolf:

This guy was my first introduction to this whole cave living thing. His book, “The Paleo Solution” is still something I reference ALL the time. It’s also available in e-book form, which is about as convenient as you can get.

Mark Sisson:

This guy is just insane. And really, kind of one of the Obi-Wan of the Primal/Paleo/Hunter Gatherer movement. Maybe he’s Yoda, but he looks way too good for that.

Nom Nom Paleo:

I love this blog, I love her food, her family is adorable, and her iPad app is amazing. I seriously want to be her so badly it hurts. That’s all I can really say about it.

Civilized Caveman:

OMG, the treats he comes up with are INSANE. The food looks crazy delicious, and his story is crazy inspiring.

The Clothes Make the Girl:

Again, delicious looking food, compelling stories, and an adorable cat. Her book, Well Fed is on my Christmas list, although I’m not sure I can wait. The bits and pieces I’ve read about her make her totally fascinating (ROLLER DERBY!!! SHE WAS IN IT!) and I would love to just spend an afternoon hanging out with her.

Everyday Paleo:

The Everyday Paleo cookbook is the very second (after The Paleo Solution) paleo book I owned, and the first paleo cookbook. I have a ton of her recipes on Pinterest, and am always referencing back to her.


Yummy looking food, a cool blog layout, and an easy to navigate recipe index. What more do you need in a blog? Love the general look of this thing!


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