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Cranberry apple sauce



That there photo above is courtesy of my dad, Joe Stanton.

So, I wanted something Thanksgiving-ey, and decided that I could something with cranberry sauce. I didn’t want to add a ton of sugar like most even homemade cranberry sauces have, so I decided that apples were the way to go. I knew that they would make an awesome sauce because well… apple sauce is awesome! This sauce takes a bit of time, however it is DIRT SIMPLE. The most pain in the ass part of it is prepping the apples.

This sauce can certainly be served chunky, but I personally prefer a jelly style cranberry sauce, so I stick this stuff in a blender. It is SO GOOD, so go make it now. It can be served like either cranberry sauce OR apple sauce would be. I would absolutely think about using this in place of apple sauce in recipes that call for it. (Dear crock pot… you, this sauce, and some pork might be hanging out sometime soon.)

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