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Stuffed cabbage rolls



Stuffed cabbage rolls. I was craving something comforting and soul warming, and boy did this fit the bill. It’s delicious, and soul satisfying, with sausage flavors, and plenty of various veggies. There is a bit of crunch from the nuts, and a bit of sweet from the apricots. I had gotten most of the way there, but knew something was missing. I knew the stuffing, and the rolls, but I just couldn’t figure out what the last thing was. That is when my friend Jim stepped in and smacked me in the head with cooking it in tomato sauce. Well frikken DUH! It was absolutely the last little thing this needed. Oh MAN. This is JUST what the doctor ordered on a cold winters day.

This recipe is split into two parts. First, the filling, then the actual assembly of the rolls. It was just easier on my poor little pea brain to do it this way. First up, the filling!

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